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75008 PARIS

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Luxury van rental with driver

Rent a prestigious vehicle with a private driver, choose comfort and elegance.
Sixième Étoile accompanies all your professional or private trips, in complete security and confidentiality.


SIXIEME ETOILE Company provides you with a global service offer and the top-of-the-range benefits, for all your private and business trips.

Our concept, which combines technology and comfort, is based on the remarkable harmony between luxury, refinement and traditional know-how.


Facilities on board (bar with softs, wine & Champagne, macarons, nibbles, coffee machine, TV screen, PlayStation and so on…) allows the customers to take full advantage of the vehicle.

Spacious, quiet, equiped with very comfortable heated seats and a minibar fridge, our vehicles are considered as « a lounge in motion » and a private VIP room.


Our chauffeurs do work in greatest secrecy, they are trustworthy and disclose no private information.

The customer soundproof area is completely separated from the driver’s compartment. The windows are tinted to move in discretion.

Customer’s focus

Our chauffeurs and hostesses are trained to deal with customers concerns .

Fluent, they assist the clients from their arrival to their departure inside the terminal and take over luggage and all their essentials.


Our prestige vehicles whose beauty, class and distinction evoke admiration, supplie the latest technologies equipment and are wholly unique all over Europe.

Present in the major French and European events, SIXIEME ETOILE Company boosts the customer’s brand image.


Our chauffeurs ensure your security in any circumstance and any place.

Highly trained, they drive in a peaceful, fluid manner and remain at the entire disposal for the customer.

We also offer an additional security guard approach service for all your trips (bodyguard, leading car and following car, …)









Sixieme Etoile
makes the show

Covering the major French and European fairs (Cannes Festival, Paris and Milano Fashion Week, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Prix de Diane Longines, Monaco Grand Prix, …) SIXIEME ETOILE reflects and boosts the customer’s brand image.

Our company works to better the needs of our clients.

We can make it possible with SIXIEME ETOILE.

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